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THE AFTERBURNERS KICKSTARTER is LIVE!  Click on the game box below to get to the project page – Thanks!

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WE HAVE LAUNCHED! Gunship is now shipping worldwide to a whole new group of fans.   Please have a look around, learn about our great game and let us know if you have any questions or wish to place a custom order.   Thanks for stopping by – we can’t wait to get you into the Fleet as our newest Gunner!


Long-promised and now in development!  Soon, you’ll be able to build a Gunship and Carrier, assign skill levels, and enter our new campaign-style Storyline Mode!  Take part in Missions and Adventures, earning new Upgrades, Crewmates and Experience Points along the way.  As you survive the story and grow in strength, your opponent is doing the same.  Eventually, the two of you will collide in a Final Battle to end the story and find out which of you is the victor!  Storyline Mode will feature Planets, Moons and other Locations named by some of our Kickstarter Backers and introduce you to some of the Factions of the Gunship Universe.  Once it’s in the hands of the players, we plan to adapt it to Solo Mode as well.  You’ll soon see that the Gunship system is WAY MORE than destroying Carriers in standard play.  We’re building an entire galaxy for you to explore and interact with!

NEW SHIPS ADDED!  May 27, 2013

We’ve added three new ship types to our Fleet Database!  Coming soon to your battlefields are the DROP SHIP, TACTICAL BOMBER and COMBAT DRONE.  Check them out here, familiarize yourself with their specs and capabilities and prepare yourself for their attack!

BIG NEWS!  April 1st, 2013

We are now being distributed by Alliance!  Soon, you’ll be able to find the entire Gunship line in your local game store!  Please contact your closest shop and ask them to stock it!


We can’t wait to get our game into your store and help you organize tournaments, etc.  We’ve got a great PoP display, free Bookmarks to give away and Prizes for your customers!

Please CONTACT US to get set up or call Alliance for more information!

If you like the drama of sci-fi space combat, when the battle depends on getting those Shields online, fighting your way through the enemy fleet, and hitting the bullseye with your last Torpedo to win the day, you’ll LOVE Gunship: First Strike!

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Gunship: First Strike! is Escape Pod Games’ core release in a planned series of tactical space combat games. Players fight to win battles in a futuristic civil war with a variety of ship types. From the agile and speedy Fighters, to versatile Gunships and powerful Assault Carriers, every battle is a well-balanced slugfest that comes right down to the wire!

Gunship: First Strike! is…

  • a Card Game that utilizes Dice and Boards in a new and exciting way
  • a Space Battle between 2, 3 or 4 players that lasts between 30 and 60+ minutes
  • Customizable, Innovative and Highly Expandable
  • Well-Balanced.  Most games are won by less than a handful of Hit Points
  • Flexible.  A great game to start the night or to have fun playing all day in Campaign Mode
  • perfect for players who like to blow things up with a variety of ship-mounted Heavy Weapons!

Here’s a list of everything that comes in the box:

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